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Wasting money on digital marketing that doesn’t generate wedding & event leads and bookings can be a big problem. We can help. We’re a team of digital marketing experts with more than 20 years of experience in helping Australian hospitality & wedding businesses grow.

Do they know about you?

Your online presence can be a money-making machine. We create digital campaigns that get your brand and message out there. More qualified leads mean more weddings and events bookings.

Can they find you?

Control your business’s online listings, locations, opening hours and details across multiple platforms. We make sure no one can change the important information couples need in order to do business with you.

Do they trust you?
Customer reviews are everything. Our reputation management helps you generate more reviews, automatically notifies you when you have a new review and gives you options for the best way to respond to it.
Do they like you?

There is so much wedding content on social media channels that it can be difficult for wedding professionals to cut through the noise. We give you content and strategies that will stop couples from scrolling past your posts and engage with your business.

Will they convert?

These days, your website is your digital storefront. Are engaged couples virtually ‘walking-in’ or are they ‘walking-by’? Covid has accelerated the shift to e-commerce. Does your website allow couples to engage with you digitally?

Are you their first choice?

There is a lot of money to be made on the first page of Google and almost no money to be made on Page 2 to infinity. We’ll make sure your business is the first thing couples see when they’re searching for their wedding suppliers.

Let us help you generate more wedding & events leads and sales.

We’ve seen a lot of change in the Australian wedding industry over the last 20 years. Today’s engaged couples are primarily using digital channels to find their wedding suppliers. Does your business stand out online (particularly on mobile)? Do you need a trusted partner to help you maximise your digital visibility and out market your competition? We’re here to help.

Creators of RealWeddings.com.au

“The leads that RealWeddings.com.au generates are excellent and we’re very pleased. The support we receive is also excellent. RealWeddings.com.au has generated a great deal of business for our venues this last year, and we’re looking forward to continuing the relationship with you. Very happy.”

“The RealWeddings.com.au team is absolutely fantastic and offer us a personalised service that makes you feel as if you were the only business they deal with. They care about us and our results and have a genuine interest in pushing for our success.”

“What drew us to RealWeddings.com.au was the filtering system providing only qualified leads, but most of all having the ability to track statistics and collect client information. Always producing on trend information, RealWeddings.com.au is a sure leader in the wedding industry – we would highly recommend!”

We're your outsourced digital marketing team

Our digital marketing services are designed to amplify your hospitality, wedding or events business’s leads and sales. If you’d like to have a quick chat about how we can help you grow, click the button below to schedule a no-obligation 15-min consultation.